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9-Pin RS-232 Port

If your computer has a 9-pin COM port, use a standard 9-pin male to standard 9-pin female RS-232 connector, available from most computer stores (for connecting multiple Graphi-Qs, use the slimmer version of the serial cable: .625 inches or 15.9 mm maximum width). NOTE: Do not use any connectors that are wired for a null modem.

Connect the computer's COM port to the back of the Graphi-Q or SWM7000 RS-232 jack labeled SERIAL IN. For the GRQ-3101S and GRQ-3102S, you may also use the front panel RS-232 jack. However, make sure that only one serial port is connected, front OR back.

25-Pin RS-232 Port


If your computer's COM port requires a 25-pin connector, use a standard RS-232 25-pin female to standard 9-pin male computer-store connector. Alternatively, you may use a 25-pin female to 9-pin male adapter with a standard 9-pin to 9-pin connector described above. NOTE: Do not use any connectors that are wired for a null modem.

USB Port


Connection via USB port requires a USB to RS-232 9-pin adapter. We are currently testing several such products. Some of the results are listed below with links to the respective manufacturers.

Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Ports (COM & LPT) -> Prolific USB to Serial Bridge… at this point, take note of the COM number. Use that number when assigning the COM port in the Sabine software.

If you have successfully, or unsuccessfully tried a USB to RS-232 adapter, please contact Sabine.

  USB to RS-232 Adaptors

Goldx products USB to Serial Converter GXMU 1200 Contractors report good results. PC only. Refer to USB Connection Tips below.
QVS USB to Serial Converter UC-310 Contractors report good results. PC only. Refer to USB Connection Tips below.
Radio Shack USB-to-Serial Port Printer Cable 26-183 Contractors report good results. Reported to not work with XP Service Pack 2. Refer to USB Connection Tips below.
Entrega Serial to USB Converter U1-DB8 Contractor uses to connect Graphi-Q to Mac G4. Refer to USB Connection Tips below.
Black Box USB Director (USB RS-232 Hub) ic135a Contractor reports excellent results. Refer to USB Connection Tips below.
Keyspan High Speed USB Serial Adapter USA-19QW Contrctors currently reporting varied results with SWM7000. Graphi-Q results good. Refer to USB Connection Tips below.
Belkin Belkin USB/SERIAL Portable Adapter


Works sporadically. Unreliable connection, not reccommended.
Belkin USB Serial Adapter F5U103 Works sporadically. Unreliable connection, not reccommended.
Cable & Connector Technologies USB 1-1 Serial Converter (A type to DB9 male) USB-SER-06 Untested!
Digi International Edgeport 4 - USB Serial Port Solution 4-port Edgeport Untested!
Cables To Go USB Multi-function Hub 5-port (3 USB + 1 Serial + 1 Printer) 22428 Untested! USB A male to DB9 male serial adapter ICUSB232 Untested!

   The above USB connection information is based on user-tesing by professional contractors and sound engineers. Sabine makes no claim to the    effectiveness of third-party hardware or software listed here or otherwise.
USB Connection Tips for SWM7000, Graphi-Q, Power-Q & Real-Q2
Connection Tips: Follow the manufacturer's installation/operation procedures carefully to install your RS-232-to-USB adapter. Then, connect your Sabine unit to the adapter, turn the unit on and launch the unit's Remote Control software program on your Windows PC. (NOTE: Mac users have reported excellent results using Virtual PC emulating Windows 2000 and up).

Next, you need to find out — and possibly change — the COM port setting for your USB to RS-232 adapter. Referring to the image below, open up your Control Panel (StartSettingsControl Panel) then:
  1. Double click the System icon to open up your System Properties window.

  2. Click Hardware and then Device Manager in the System Properties window.

  3. Open up Ports (COM & LPT) and look for your USB device and COM port setting.
W2K Device Manager
Windows 2000 Device Manager (may differ from other versions of Windows)

If the setting is COM 1, 2, 3 or 4, simply close out of the Control Panel windows and select the appropriate COM port in the Sabine Remote Control software. However, if the COM port listed for the USB device is greater than 4, you will need to reassign the adapter's COM port setting. To do this, go back to Ports (COM & LPT) in your Device Manager and double click your USB to Serial adapter. Click Port Settings and then Advanced. You should then be able to select the COM port (1, 2, 3, or 4) being careful not to select a COM port already in use on your computer.

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